Auto Glass

Evins Glass Service understands that the auto glass industry is a highly competitive one with mobile repairs on every other street corner. The key to really saving money in the long run is to have your auto glass repaired or replaced correctly the first time by trained professionals.

Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair, if caught in the early stage, can be repaired without full replacement. Keep in mind if the crack is smaller than a quarter,  we can most likely repair the windshield and save you the money it would cost to replace.
TIP: In extreme hot weather, keep your windows cracked.

Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement should be installed by trained professionals. That is why Evins Glass provides a lifetime warranty on all workmanship. Evins Glass has highly trained professionals who provide quality work on your auto glass. Don’t risk your family and your safety by using a provider who rushes and uses shortcuts to quickly finish the job.

Windshield Safety

A properly installed windshield can prevent passenger ejection and objects from outside penetrating the passenger compartment. Air bags are bounced off the windshield before they are directed towards passengers. If a windshield is not properly installed, an airbag could cause the ejection of the windshield from the vehicle preventing the airbag to be directed toward the passenger.

Evins Glass understands safety and provides highly trained professionals to install or repair your windshield.



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